Innovations in Superhard Nanoparticle Coatings


Scratch-resistant Industrial Coatings

California Hardcoating is an innovator in the research, development and manufacturing of scratch-resistant hardcoatings. We market our PermaNew hardcoatings to fabricators and other manufacturers around the world.

PermaNew coatings are based on advanced nanoparticle chemistry in the form of silica-filled siloxane sol-gels that cure to form a clear, glass-like—5 to 15 micron thick—scratch-resistant layer. This advanced chemistry not only delivers superior scratch-resistance and adhesion, but also helps reduce the cost of running a coating operation.

In 2001, we introduced our first product, PermaNew 6000, a heat-cured hardcoating. Since then, we have developed UV-cured hardcoatings as well as ones that include unique anti-fogging and weatherabilty properties.

PermaNew hardcoatings have found uses in many industries, including:

In addition to our standard PermaNew hardcoatings, we offer Research & Development of custom coatings, as well as advice and training in all aspects of starting and running a coating operation.