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Is a primer required for adhesion?

​All of our coatings are formulated to adhere to polycarbonate plastic without a primer. All except Perma-New 4000 likewise adhere to acrylic. Other plastics, metals, glass, etc. need to be considered on an individual basis.

Advice and Training?

We provide some consulting and troubleshooting at no charge. Contact us with your questions.

More extensive advice and training is offered on a payment basis as appropriate.

To assist companies in managing project risk and ensuring project goals are met on time and within budget, we offer on-site training and consulting services, including recommendations on processes, equipment & facilities, project budget, timetable and staffing. Equipment can be designed and built by our team of associates.

Worker safety requirements?

Although California Hardcoating’s Perma-NewTM coatings are formulated with a high-degree of safety and environmental awareness, we recommend that all workers applying coating solutions utilize breathing masks and wear protective gloves, goggles and low-lint producing garments. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) should be referenced for specific information related to coating flammability and toxicity.

PermaNew Material Safety Data Sheets​

Substrate Preparation?

All items to be coated must be cleaned as needed to allow good adhesion of the cured coating and to remove particulates that would disrupt the smoothness of the thin hardcoating. Plastics contain processing aids that usually are present on the surface, often preventing good wetting and bonding to the surface. Removing the contaminants requires solvency and force. Hand wiping with a degreasing solvent such as hexane followed by a more general solvent such as isopropyl alcohol can be appropriate for small parts and quantities. Larger quantities of small parts are often cleaned in successive baths of soapy and rinse and deionized water, using ultrasonic agitation. Sheet plastics may be washed with soapy water or an appropriate solvent, depending on the nature of the plastic, and the known or expected contaminants.

Expected coverage per gallon of coating?

Coverage varies widely based on applied thickness. Target thickness is usually 4 – 6 microns, but can be much higher (e.g., for Perma-New V-17). For 5 micron thick coatings, 1300 square feet / gallon is representative of the coverage you can expect from a coating that contains 28% solids, not including wastage. Thickness obtained in a particular coating application process will vary based on degree of dilution (percent solid content), solvent volatility, the viscosity of the coating and the coating equipment/process employed.

The curing process and how long it takes?

Heat curing typically ranges 2 – 4 hours in a low-temperature forced-air “convection-style” oven. Our heat-curable Perma-NewTM coatings cure at a temperature of 180°F for acrylics and 265°F for polycarbonates. Our UV-curable formulations cure in seconds under medium-pressure mercury vapor lamp illumination​.

Typical delivery times?

Typical delivery times from placement of order range between 14 and 21 days. Delivery times to international locations can at times be longer based on your proximity to a port of entry and local customs inspections delays. Moreover, depending on local regulations, you may need to arrange for pickup and delivery of shipments from the port of entry to your business location.

Because Perma-New coatings are manufactured to order, we do not accept returns except in the case of manufacturing defects.​

Payment and shipping terms?

In North America, all products are shipped FOB Origin or by Customer Arranged Pickup. For destinations outside of North America products are shipped Carriage Paid To Destination.

Orders are payable in US dollars, due at the time of order. For orders of 5 US gallons or less, we accept credit card payments invoiced through PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to pay through PayPal’s secure payment system. For larger international orders, we require prepayment in the form of a wire transfer.​

How do you measure hardness of your coatings?
Although many different laboratory tests are used to quantify the hardness of coatings, we find little correlation in most cases with “real world” durability. So we rely on one of the simplest tests as predictive of in-use performance: The hand-rubbed steel wool test. Results are operator-dependent, and vary with the environmental conditions (i.e., humidity) and with the source of the wool. But we note that this test gives damage more like what is seen in use, than more rigorous quantitative tests. Usually we test with #0000 grade wool, but occasionally use coarser wools to compare the best coatings, which are hardly scratched by the finest steel wool.
Special storage and shipping requirements?

Perma-New hardcoatings contain flammable solvents and are classified as hazardous materials. Before ordering Perma-New products, you should first familiarize yourself with all applicable laws and regulations related to the storage and handling of flammable materials in your locale. You should also familiarize yourself with all applicable health and environmental regulations related to the use, transportation and disposal of products containing volatile chemicals. For product-specific information, please refer to the applicable Material Data Safety Sheet when planning facilities and applying for permits.​