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Long-lasting Abrasion- and Scratch-Resistance

Perma-New hardcoatings add long-lasting scratch and abrasion resistance to many materials, especially acrylicpolycarbonate and other plastics.  Perma-New coatings are excellent solutions for numerous hardcoating applications such as:

  • Eye glass lens & sports goggles
  • Aircraft windows
  • Cell phone & other electronic displays
  • Clear protective screens
  • Thermoformed parts
  • High-value medical and industrial equipment
  • Architectural materials

Perma-New hardcoating versions are available for UV and heat curing.  In addition, we offer anti-fog and weatherable versions.  All formulations can be applied by:

  • Flow coating
  • Spraying
  • Roll coating
  • Dipping
  • Spin coating
  • Curtain coating

Advanced Nanopa​​rticle Formulations = Lower Total Cost of Operation

Perma-New innovations go well beyond outstanding scratch resistance at a competitive price.  They also deliver superior value through significantly reduced operational costs.  Compared to many other coatings, Perma-New hardcoatings are much easier to use and store.

Feature​​​​ Benefit
Superior coating characteristics Fewer cosmetic defects and less wastage
Reduced tendency t​o gel​​ Decreases need to frequently replace coating solutions
High tolerance for variations in humidity Lower cost of more stringent environmental controls and reduces occurrences of hazing
Exceptionally strong adhesion Eliminat​es need for prime coat for many applications and substrates
Shelf life up to 6 months at normal temperatures Reduces wastage from gelled coatings

Perma-New Prod​​uct Family

The Perma-New technology family comprises customized formulations designed to meet your specific coating and usage requirements. Our technologies include heat and UV curing, as well as anti-fog and weatherable hardcoatings.  In addition, coatings can be created in a range of gloss values, from fully glossy to non-glare, semi-gloss and satin finishes.  Coatings can be adjusted to closely match the requirements of different coating methods and equipment.  Coverage varies based on the thickness of the coating, which in turn varies by the solids content of the coating and application method.  All coatings are custom formulated & manufactured to order and can be supplied in containers from 1 to 55 gallons.

​​​Perma-Ne​w 6000 Class Coatings

Is a patented technology incorporating silica-filled methylpolysiloxane polymer containing a latent heat-cure catalyst system, in a blend of alcohols.  They are colorless, slightly hazy liquids, typically containing 28% solids by weight.  Solids content can be reduced to accommodate different application techniques.  Primerless adhesion to acrylic or polycarbonate is a feature of the 6000 class of hardcoatings.  Hardness will depend on coating thickness and substrate rigidity.  At a target thickness of 4 to 6 microns on acrylic, when fully cured, a typical formulation in this class will resist 5 double rubs under firm thumb pressure with relatively coarse #2 steel wool, with negligible scratching — less than a half-dozen scratches are typically visible.  On much softer substrates, such as polycarbonate, performance against various steel wools will exceed competitive coatings.  Taber abrasion resistance on either substrate will be outstanding. 

Perma-New V-2 Class (UV-c​​ured) Coatings

Are proprietary formulations of UV-curable monomers in alcohol solvents.  Typically, they will be colorless to pale amber liquids containing 20-50% solids (i.e., polymerizable and non-volatile materials, not including solvents).  The percentage of solids is adjusted to match the intended application method.  These coatings will adhere to many kinds of plastics without requiring a primer.  At a target thickness of 4 to 12 microns, when fully cured, this class of coating will resist 5 double rubs under firm thumb pressure with #0000 steel wool, with few or no visible scratches. even on polycarbonate.  Taber  abrasion resistance on acrylic or polycarbonate will be outstanding compared to uncoated plastic.   

Perma-New 4000 Class Coatings

Strike an optimal balance between hardness and resistance to fogging.  These are proprietary formulations of a polysiloxane (silicone) copolymer in alcohol solvents, which can be heat-cured to a hard, transparent, coating that has excellent resistance to fogging.  At a target thickness of 3.5 to 5 microns on polycarbonate, it will resist rubs with “#0000” steel wool at least 5 times as well as uncoated polycarbonate. 

Perma-New V-​​​16 (​​​​​​​​UV-cur​​ed) Class Coatings

Are new formulations similar to Perma-New V-2, but this class can be optimized for adhesion of vacuum deposited coatings (anti-reflective coatings) that will be applied on top.  Although the V-2 class coatings can be used for subsequent vacuum deposition, it is easier for the vacuum deposition operator to achieve good adhesion over formulations in this class.  The solids of this coating technology can be as high as 46%, which makes them suitable for spin application on ophthalmic lenses.  At lower solids, coatings of this class can be used for dipping, roller or flow applications. 

Perma-New V-17 (U​V-cured) Class Coatings

Comprise weatherable coating technology for polycarbonate.  Although our Perma-New 6000 class of coatings provides great outdoor service on acrylic, polycarbonate is so susceptible to UV degradation, that it needs special protection.  Otherwise the hardcoating loses adhesion as the polycarbonate degrades underneath it.  This new technology is UV-curable and is expected to provide 5 years of outdoor performance, based on QUV test results.  Coating formulations of this class can be optimized for spray, flow, roller or dip applications.